Treo portable AI-powered camera helps grassroots teams capture and analyse every game like elite level clubs while giving them full ownership of their video and data.


Provides video in real-time, no processing or upload time.

Offers full control and ownership of videos and data.

Can be configured to be used with any analytics provider.


Small form factor, standard tripod mount.

Battery Powered

200 minutes recording time. 6 hours operation time.

Automatic Stitching

Panoramic video is produced automatically, it does not require any manual input such as clicking on points etc.

Flexible API Integration

Can install custom API to integrate with any cloud service.

Flexible Options

Optional subscription, camera only option.

Video Streaming & Storage

Panoramic video streamed over wifi, also stored locally on an SD card.


Real-time video stitching and AI.

Local Processing

Stand-alone, edge AI.

4K Real-time Resolution

30 FPS


The device creates its own wifi hotspot. Camera configuration and other parameters are controlled wirelessly through the app.